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How to choose an electric toothbrush?

(1) How to choose the motor? The magnetic suspension motor is better than the hollow cup motor;
(2) The higher the frequency, the better? The recommended frequency is 31000-43000 vibrations;
(3) The higher the bristle rounding rate, the better? Yes. Specifically, the cut surface of the bristles, the rounder the better;
(4) How to choose the size of the brush head? It is not recommended that it is too large to clean the dead corners, but it is too small, and the cleaning power cannot be well achieved. It is recommended to be a moderate size;
(5) The hardness of the bristles? Don't be too hard to easily hurt your teeth; also don't be too soft fail to meet the cleanliness. Moderate to soft is recommended;
(6) Which is more important, the brushing amplitude or the cleaning frequency? Both are important. What affects the cleaning power is the brushing amplitude, bristle design and cleaning frequency etc. all of which are indispensable.

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