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  • E-mail : service@iasatop.com
  • Phone : +86 17898898626
  • Address : Shanghai China

Social Responsibility

Our environmental responsibility:
Environmental responsibility is one of our primary focuses as a production enterprise. The core problem is how to reach a balance between implementing eco-friendly production strategies and ensuring production efficiency and effectiveness. The seeds of the green revolution in the  trendy consumer electronic products industry have already sprouted. As a professional consumer electronic products manufacturer, we believe it is our job to responsibly carry out sustainable production practices for a cleaner environment.

In addition, ecological concepts will be integrated into our responsible environmental management practices in each and every aspect of consumer electronic products which includes reducing environmental impact through managing recyclable materials and adopting clean technology principles.

Our environmental vision:
ASATOP continues to implement eco-friendly strategies by establishing environmental management, strengthening the environmental consciousness of the entire staff, improving our processes to conserve resources and reduce operating costs.

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