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Why use an electric toothbrush for oral care!

According to a survey by the National Health Commission, 97% of people between the ages of 30 and 44 have calculus, 87% have bleeding gums, 88% have dental caries, the periodontal health rate is only 14%, and 97% of people over 35 do not have healthy teeth. The cost of dental care is getting more expensive every year, hundreds of thousands of fillings and tens of thousands of implants. A month's salary for a dental visit is gone, and the medical insurance cannot be reimbursed. Why there are so many problems, the reason is very simple, your teeth is not brushed clean. In fact, 80% of oral health problems, such as yellowing teeth, bad breath, cavities, calculus, plaque, bleeding gums, and sensitive gums can be prevented or solved by deep cleaning. Hundreds of millions of food residues and bacteria are fermented to form dental plaque, calcified to form dental calculus and continuously erode the periodontal, which cause dental calculus, gingivitis (bleeding, swollen gums), periodontitis (loose teeth, gum recession), dental caries (Tooth decay). Therefore, the first step to prevent dental disease is to thoroughly remove plaque. Manual brushing will leave 40% of plaque, and electric toothbrushes can remove a large amount of tartar and plaque, 6 times as much as manual toothbrushes. The high-frequency sound wave vibration of the magnetic levitation motor can reach 40,000 times per minute. As long as it vibrates at 45° on the teeth, the mixture of toothpaste and water in the mouth will generate a large number of tiny bubbles. The pressure generate when the bubbles burst can penetrate deep into the teeth to clean the dirt, and can vibrate out the dirt hidden in the gingival sulcus and deep between the teeth. It efficiently cleans teeth and shortens brushing time, preventing oral problems from the root cause. 

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